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A colorful base filled with an abundance of machines and computers. Narrow walkways and steep falls provide a challenge for fighting. Tactical use of the arena is the key!

File:Techno Lounge.png

(Filler, this RP is too blank.)

Tech. Lounge Battle 1Edit

  • Grand Admiral Leviathan (HP. 500, Power Level: Over 9000) vs. Serg. Moon the Hedgehog (HP. 501, Power Level: Over 9000)

*Leviathan waits for an opponent*

  • I'm here Leviathan!

Turn 1Edit

Turn 2Edit

Turn 3Edit

  • LEVIATHAN HAS NO IDEA WHAT THAT MEANS BUT DAMAGE: -100! Leviathan uses RECHARGE! +100 HP! File:AdmiralLevi.Signiture.pngFile:AdmiralLevi. Salute.gif 02:28, August 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Moon thinks that Leviathan doesn't have Dragon Quest IX and doesn't know why the opponent is speaking in all caps BAW (But Anyway) Moon creates a barrier that lasts for 5 turns (and prevents damage)!

Turn 4Edit

Turn 5Edit

Turn 6Edit

Turn 7Edit

Turn 8Edit

Did that count as a turn? File:AdmiralLevi.Signiture.pngFile:AdmiralLevi. Salute.gif 03:13, August 14, 2010 (UTC)
No. -30 HP! Moon uses every move he's learnt, seen, or heard of! Moon the Hedgehog's power level is under higher than Frieza's!! 03:15, August 14, 2010 (UTC)P.S., Let's continue this tomorrow!


Both fighters gain half EXP! (Meh.)

Tech. Lounge Battle 2Edit

The new and improved Moon the Hedgehog along with his companions, Silent Knight and Voice Knight, wait for a worthy opponent.

  • Teddy (HP: 210, Power Level:8999) asks, Can I fight????(Not a turn)