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Sonic and friends go on a ski trip to Canada, an exciting way to conclude their summer vacation! However, is everone as enthusiastic about the trip as they appear?
[Sonic and friends arrive at the ski resort, all bundled up. Company includes Shelly, Echo, Statyx, Blaze, Fou, Amy Rose, Miles "Tails" Prower and Shadow the Hedgehog.]
Sonic: Well, here we are!
Fou: Yay! We're finally here!
Amy: Wow, I never imagined Canada would be so beautiful.
Sonic: Yup. Well, see you at the slopes!
Amy: Hey Sonic, wait up! I'm coming too! You can teach me how to snowboard, and then we can snuggle up by the warm fireplace. <3 *blue blur* Hey! SOOONIIC! *pouts*
Statyx: *chuckles* Welp, seems like everyone's eager to start enjoying themselves. Well, most of us. *turns and looks at Shelly and Shadow; Shelly's already fighting with Shadow, while Shadow just responds with the usual snorts, snarls, and rolling eyes. Echo meanwhile, seems to be off in her own world, looking out towards the window* Yo Echo, what's up?
Echo: snow...a plane with smoke coming out from the side...
Statyx: *rolls eyes; under his breath* Just the response to expect from yo- *out loud* Wait, what was that last part?
Echo: *bored* A smoking plane.
Statyx: *runs to the window, looking up in the air frantically* Where!?
Echo: *opens the window and points to the sky* Right there...!
Statyx: *sticks his head out the window* But I don't see--
Echo: *kicks him out the window and closes it*
[Statyx reappers in a green flash of light, his head still having snow on it]
Statyx: Hardy har-har Echo - -
Echo: *shrugs* So where's the food?
Statyx: *rolls eyes* Is that all you're thinking about?
Echo: *nods*
Statyx: *facepalms* So you seriously aren't thinking about this vacation or being out in fresh air like this?
Echo: *nods*
Statyx: *rolls eyes; sarcastically* Wonderful.